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Oil painting with Bob Ross technique - wet-in-wet.

This class can be attended by anyone even without any knowledge of painting techniques.
Under the supervision of instructor everyone will paint a whole painting and bring it home !!!
Used material is original BOB ROSS ® – paints, brushes, palette and stand.
Refreshment is included in the price for class (lunch).

Class teacher : Marie Höpp - certificated Bob Ross instructor

Price: 2600,- Kč

Deposit: 1300,- Kč to Oberbank account. Account number: 3000004603/8040 or in person at the shop

Prosíme Vás o včasné přihlášení z důvodu omezeného počtu účastníků a zaplacení zálohy - nejpozději do 14 dnů před začátkem kurzu!!

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At the moment there are no upcoming classes.


At the moment there are no upcoming classes..


Marie Höppová

Papeterie - Galerie Vaňkovka


phone: +420 511 110 800


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