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About Marie Höpp

In former days I was never seriously interested in painting. It was only instinct that I led my daughters to appreciate good quality paper, crayons, pencils, coals and pastels and to recognize quality of pigment and colorfulness of various materials. Thanks to their big interest and their successes in painting by miscenalleous techniques I grew with them.

I gained a lot of my knowledge by working as a saleswoman, because I attended a clientel of artists, who were buying ale their equipment in the store and appreciated good quality. I learnt by listening and then I used this knowledge for painting with my daghters.

I am the owner of Papeterie KUP (Office + Artistic + Writing equipment) in the mall Galerie Vaňkovka Brno. The main office of my Papeterie is another store Papeterie Ingolstadt. That's why I travel between Brno and Ingolstadt.

I've been selling this material several years already and since I've been watching TV show „Bob Ross  – The Joy of Painting ®“ on tv channel Bayern Alpha, my couriosity for this technique has risen. That's why we attended teacher's classes and exams in holland with my daughter Claudia. Now we pass gained knowledge of this unique technique to our customers.

„Before I would say, that there was no time for painting. Nowadays I say: there's always time for what's important for us and what gives us life energy.“


About BOB ROSS® technique 

Painter and artist Bob Ross invented unique system, which permits utter beginner to paint a beautiful oil painting of marvelous landscape during only a few hours.

It is a unique principle of this technique, which lies in putting the oil paints on wet canvas. For this reason this technique is called "Wet-on-wet". It refers to the method of applying wet paint, which dries slowly and other color tones are then added gradually. In this manner it's possible to create clouds, mountains, woods, meadows and sea landscapes on canvas very easily. It's so easy, that Bob Ross painted a whole image in 30 minutes at his tv show on channel Bayern Alpha. 

See for yourself…


Oil painting classes

We prepared unique painting classes for you. Team of professional instructors with certificate for teaching this method of painting will lead you step by step through life, technique and thoughts of famous artist Bob Ross. Thanks to this it wil become a game and passion for you. Give this unique gift to yourself (or to your closest ones) in form of one-day painting class with Bob Ross technique - wet-in-wet ®.

Price: 2 600 Kč


Class summary: painting of landscape or flowers (depends on a type of class) with oil paints

This class can attend anyone, even without any previous knowledge of painting techniques. Under the supervision of instructor everyone will paint a whole painting and bring it home with him. Used material is original BOB ROSS ®  – paints, brushes, palette and stand.

Refreshment: lunch in a restaurant, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks during a class are free.


Marie Höppová is looking forward to your visit


bob ross certificate bob ross certificate
bob ross certificate bob ross certificate



At the moment there are no upcoming classes..


Marie Höppová

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